Homeowner's / renter's insurance


Sep 17, 2009
Do you bother with this?

What does it cost and do you have faith in being able to process a claim if necessary?

I've never bought renters insurance. I never had enough until I moved into my house and furnished it to worry about it, but I have been wondering lately if I shouldn't do something about it (particularly now that I am legally resident)

I do have car insurance, though. I was told recently (and have seen some posts on the board related to this) that unless you are a legal resident, most likely the insurance company will not make good on its claim, since you don't have quite the good legal standing as someone who is here legally. Like many things Argentine, if they feel they don't have to comply with their agreement they may be likely to not comply.

I don't know if 1) that's true in most or all car insurance cases where someone is not a legal resident (although it does seem that some have had this problem) or 2) if renter's insurance would carry over the same problems that car insurance would have if #1 is true.

But I would always wonder if I am paying premiums that were worthless...
I highly recommend Maphre...and I strongly suggest you contact:

Estudio Munson
Aranales 2255 (Recoleta)
They are closed during the "lunch hours."
In three years I had two claims they could have easily denied, but they paid.

Even when I move to Belgrano, I kept my policy through this office.

My premium is about $20 USD per month.

Yes, they will issue a homeowner's/renter's policy even if you only have a passport.

Please tell Victor I sent you.
No problems dealing with them ..

Most of the major banks also offer home owner/renter insurance .
Thanks for this info guys. Pricing sounds good, -comparable to a US renter's policy for a 1 bedroom apartment.

I'd love to get some details from you next time we run into each other.

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