Homestays in Buenos Aires



I live in Mexico and speak Spanish. I would prefer an Argentinian homestay to staying in a hotel. I find I learn more about the culture and the city if I do so.

Would prefer private bath if possible and that breakfast be provided.

I am thinking San Telmo or Puerto Madero but open to suggestions that are central.

I would appreciate all help....planning October trip How's the weather then?

Will happily answer questions about the Riviera Maya




Hola,Have you tried the CouchSurfing website? http://www.couchsurfing.comYou stay with locals at no charge and as you want: You will learn more about the culture and the city. I have traveled Europe, the USA, and plan to take advantage of same in
South America. In SanFrancisco, for example, I stayed in the city
center and had a suite, complete with balcony, king size bed, and
private bathroom. The owner of the house was a successful lawyer. In other countries, I have slept on a sofa in an apartment shared by room mates. We hung out together and had a good time.Of course you can choose to hang out with your host or not. Pretty flexible really. We recently hosted couch surfers in Buenos Aires and spend 2 fun days together.
So, give it a try.. You might like it!