Hopefully soon to be expat living in Buenos Aires - LOTS OF QUESTIONS.


Dec 1, 2008
My name is Sharyn and my husband Mike and I are very seriously thinking of moving to Buenos Aires the next 6 months or so and we have a lot of questions. We are originally from NYC but have lived in Costa Rica for the past 2 years.

We just spent 10 days in BA this past October and fell in love. It is a mix of NYC and Paris. . . (with the best beef ever and the wine . . .YUM!!) what's not to love.

I know things are very different as a visitor vs. living there and I would love to talk with some people who have made the move.

We would love to hear about obstacles you faced (finding lodging, high speed internet, ANY info about having a dog etc. . .) and any other websites, stories, articles etc. . . that you think might be helpful to us in making this move. We aren't looking for residency just yet as we want to make sure this is the place for us.

I will also be posting some more specific questions, but we are really looking forward to getting as much info as we can and we can't wait to get there.

Thanks in advance.

Happy Holidays everyone!!
We just arrived two months ago so I can't contribute too much to your question. The only thing I can say is that is it very difficult to find a furnished short term rental* with a dog. You may find that if tourism begins to drop and owners can't find renters this might get easier. Start looking early.

*well, long term unfurnished too! But that's another story.
We have a bunch of our experiences on our blog at http://www.discoverbuenosaires.com. You can also find a lot of other expat blogs.

We have a 3.5kg dog, and finding an apartment was more limited with her, but we found a great furnished apartment for a 6 month lease, which we'll probably renew for another 6 months.
My name is Cecilia Bassi, I worked till last year for 10 years at the American Embassy in BA for 4 different Ambassadors and now work on my own, doing searchs for expats. If you tell me specifically your needs - I know about the dog! - I may offer you some options. For example which area do you prefer , can it be Palermo, Recoleta? how many rooms, upto how much you want to spend, do you want amenities (say swimming pool, laundry, etc )??? . I would be glad to help. Thanks!
mysharonany said:
What about long term rental, furnished with a dog??

Thanks for your reply.

Unfurnished was easier. But still limited. Most landlords by default said "no". But we had someone who negotiated for us & she was quite good at getting some of them to reconsider. So, I would advise you get some one who is a good "talker" to call for you! ;)

I moved here with my boyfriend 1 month ago. It seems there are many websites provide same services but one of my friend recommend this website, so we booked our apartment through this website :http://www.buenosairestravelrent.com/.

We liked this apartment(have internet, air-conditioner, telephone, cable tv), so extended our contract 1 more month, and even book another apartment for coming month. You'd better book early for good apartment_good location, good facility and better rental fee. It's not a big company but it seems they sincerely provide the service we ask so you may discuss about your dog.
Hope it helps.
soulskier said:
My wife wrote a article on how to move with the family pet, could be helpful. http://livinginpatagonia.com/?p=86
The big thing to know is the vaccine needs to be more that 30 days but less than 12 months old. Suerte!

The other big thing to know is that the vet papers can't be older then 10 days before you arrive.