hot yoga


May 20, 2009
Hey guys,
I'm Charlsi and I just moved here from the states. I will be here for about a year or so going to Culinary school. With all these empanadas, lomo, dulce de leche, and everything else, I would love to find a good yoga studio (or any good gym). I tried one in Palermo last week but it wasn't really what I was looking for. Any tips for an "athletic" or more invigorating yoga studio wold be much appreciated. Back home I was pretty into Bikrahm or "hot" yoga....not sure if such a thing exists here???
An American woman who tried but failed to make a go of it in Argentina a year or so ago posted here under the name of (if I remember correctly) "hotyogateacher". If you employ the "search" function (at the top of each page in the forum), you'll find many, many of her and others' postings concerning Bikrahm in gran Buenos Aires.
hey Charlsi,
There is one Bikram studio that I know of: At present, they are having a little trouble opening but the owners are quite determined to introduce Bikram to BA. They have classes in both English and Spanish. They are from the States, I believe.
Hatha is really big here. I only know of 2 people who teach Ashtanga (which is the origin of power-yoga) myself and Cheryl Delaney. And Cheryl is moving back to the States in a week or so.
My classes are in Almagro. There is one every day. Come try us out. The first class is free.