How to ship clothing?


Hi everyone,

I would like my family to ship my winter jacket and some winter clothes to Buenos Aires. I heard that it is difficult to ship clothing to Argentina and I was wondering if anyone has had success getting clothing shipped. Which carrier(s) did you use?



It's going to cost you but it will get here. To your home and NOT to the customs P.O. downtown..the post office from hell, I fondly call it! I tip the local P.O. guys well that bring me the box...need to keep them happy, they are the ones in the white trucks that have the enclosed cabs.
I have had boxes get here in 5 days, from the East and West coast.
Good luck!

1. Express Mail International , Via the U.S. Post Office
2. Claimed value of items, I keep it between $100 and $200..less is better.
3. Outside of large print write "Personal Items"
4. Claim as clothes.."used"