How to watch the NFL


Aug 29, 2009
Can one see NFL games on cable TV? If so, thru which network?Using the computer, I am not necessarily interested in watching live NFL games. I wish to record games (in good quality)and watch them later, skipping the commercials. I've tried to record from a site such as TVU network but it is impossible to record a full length game without buffering interruptions. Besides the Game-Pass option ($240), can anyone recommend a reliable and cost-efficient solution?
If the option is the only viable one, do you have any experience with it? Is it worth buying?
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Do you have a home outside of Argentina? If so, you can buy a Slingbox, but that would require someone to install it at your home. If you have good internet download here (and upload back at home), it's a good option.
We tried the NFL game pass and it was so bad we had to get a refund.It was worse than justintv which is free. That was last year. Maybe it will be better this year.
You can get it on's around 95.00 pesos a month for the season...last season I believe I paid 30.00 pesos!!! They usually have 6 games on Sundays, 3 stations with 2 games on each.... and also the red zone which flips back and forth between different least last season.
Hope that is of some help...

My biggest pet peeve is they had the Super Bowl w/announcers from English version...just wrong!
You are at the mercy of the B-ban (I use Fibertel) but todate sling media (Sling-box & Sling-catcher) has been great..