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Aug 29, 2006
I find myself with 2 hours of spare time each day and was thinking of volunteering to teach english to one student for free. I was thinking along the lines of helping those that are already taking english classes but still need to practice on writing, reading and conversing or even tutor on english homework maybe.
I used to teach English to non-english speaking adults in the CA and I have a substitute teaching license in California. It is just that now I am in BsAs majority of the time and would love to share a few hours to someone who really wants to learn english. I am a woman and that might influence my choice of student in the future - just saying.
I was thinking of going to an english institute a few blocks where I live and volunteer my services, any other suggestions?
HiI once met this guy who was there in Argentina teaching really young kids photography in the shanty towns or really poor neighborhoods, it seemed to me as if it was very giving for him to do that. If I personally was to volunteer my time I'd try to make my way into them shanty towns where there's real desperation. He was with some sort of an organization or something but I don't think I asked about its name.
Hello again I just remembered that this question has been asked a few times on here before so you might want to check these links out here below:index.php?module=phpwsbb&PHPWSBB_MAN_OP=view&PHPWS_MAN_ITEMS[]=326
index.php?module=phpwsbb&PHPWSBB_MAN_OP=view&PHPWS_MAN_ITEMS[]=519index.php?module=phpwsbb&PHPWSBB_MAN_OP=view&PHPWS_MAN_ITEMS[]=608index.php?module=phpwsbb&PHPWSBB_MAN_OP=view&PHPWS_MAN_ITEMS[]=1023index.php?module=phpwsbb&PHPWSBB_MAN_OP=view&PHPWS_MAN_ITEMS[]=1069Taking all the valuable information contained in those threads gathering it up, putting it into a single document and putting it on the frontpage might not be such a bad idea for them admins btw.
Hi, I volunteered here for a few months... They work with shantytown community centers in Villa Soldati and a neighborhood community center in La Boca.