I’ve had my visa rejected despite my nearly complete citizenship process


Hopefully, perhaps at least for your wife's sake, Dr. Rubliar will not remember (or will perhaps ignore for the "right" price) the fact that less than two years ago you referred to him as "Vampiric, tango dancing scum." and added that you "feel he's so tight he'd skin a fart."

Source: https://www.baexpats.org/threads/immigration-lawyers.38799/page-2#post-349146
You are evil! No hard feelings. A lawyer is good if he can win cases not if he is nice, friendly or polite that I’m not.

The small fee I charge is only to avoid people to waste my time and, believe it or not, 500 p works out.

The back issue I had was a car crash I had when I was traveling to Zapala for a case that left me in a wheel chair for life time, however I acchieved to walk again with a lot of pain in between.

You know, I had a lot of meetings with lawyers in the US when I was living there, and the nastier and more experienced told me the true: come back when you full fit the requirements while all the others were desperated to be nice and charge me 1500 usd for a green card they knew it was going to be rejected. Live and learn.

I was advicing here for years telling to do not do the Colonia run and to do not use Ezeiza. Now everybody know why.

He called me but at 8 PM no judge is going to listen the case as soon as they work overnight only when a life is in risk. The re entry can be enforced and the citizenship case can be won, only if you know how.

I work with a chart with the price list that is a flat fee according to the difficulty of the work because I do not charge according to the dessesperation or the face of people and I’m crystal clear about it.
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Well, as soon as he mentioned that his lawyer was working on it, there is nothing I can add.

The ways to solve it now is the appeal you should do with your lawyer as soon as he probably has power of attorney.

If this doesn’t work out an habeas corpus can be made.

Your citizenship case can be won even if you were deported.
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