I am looking for a massage



Can somebody recommend me someone to give me an massage en Capital?
I would prefer an woman and I only need a massage and nothing else and also an ordinary person so not a sexclub massage and stuff like that.
I prefer that somebody can come to me (Puerto Madero) but I can also travel.
Anybody any suggestions?
Hi Paul,
I can recommend a massage therapist for just a massage, nothing more than a massage, only massage. He´s not a woman, but very respectful and he practices Shiatsu massage, which is done on a mat, on the floor or a table, fully clothed with no oils. He works with acupressure. Great stuff.
He can come to you, here´s his contact info:
[email protected]
Thank you, can you give me some more information on where he works, prices, and if he goes to houses of clients?