I am willing to house sit for long periods of time

Tracey Writes in BA

Apr 22, 2009
Hi. My name's Tracey. I'm a Brit, living in BA as a freelance writer and teacher. At present I am fixed for somewhere to live, but from February 2010 (a long way ahead I know, but I'm a planner!) I will need a place to live until the following Christmas (Dec 2010). At that point I go back to London to visit family.

Therefore, if anyone has an apartment in BA and they are planning a long trip, I am very happy to house sit. I'm very clean and quiet, no pets, no smoking, no late night drinking. I just need somewhere relatively affordable to live. (I write for a non-profit organisation and do it for free - a thing I'm doing at present, so the cash is difficult). For this reason, I'm offering myself as a house sitter and hoping that I can get some kind of reduced rent because of it.

If you're interested, let me know. I'm putting the advert online now (June 2009), but I'm obviously willing to hear from you even if it's December 2009.

Advertisments in the Buenos Aires Heral are not expensive at all and many english speaking people buy it. You can send them an email to see how it works
all the best