I know it's tired, but pls. help! Trip to Iguazu Falls!

There are 2 places you can swim safely : they are camping-type places with nice swimming pools, one is in Montecarlo, Misiones,(it is 2 hours drive south of Iguazu right on the side of highway 12). They have cabañas for rent too.
The other is similar on the side of the same highway a bit south othe other. It is near a river tributary to the Parana, cant remember its name, it is on an small hill.
Good luck Henry
Hi there! I'm afraid that if you are looking for beach on the sea there are no chances from Iguazu. However you can enjoy the beaches on the river, qhich up there are much cleaner than in Buenos Aires! If you are driving you can stop by in Entre Rios, or Corrientes, in fact there is a beautiful island named Apipe in Corrientes, which is super quiet and is all surrounded by sand, great for birdwatching, fishing and relax!! Their website http://www.isla-apipe.com/. Let me know if you need more info!

katiemcaldwell said:
We are planning a trip to the Falls this weekend but are also wanting to extend our trip to include a few days on the beach somewhere. Iguazu appears to be inland but a coworker told me there is a beach there? IS this true? And if not, are there any on the way back to Buenos Aires that would not be completely out of the way? We cannot go into Brazil as we are Americans and do not have the visa and do not have enough time to obtain one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - I am dying to lay on a sunny beach for a few hours! Muchas gracias! :)
Muchas gracias for all of the information! We will probably try to get to San Martin, but since it is supposed to rain for our ENTIRE trip (haha of course) it will likely still be underwater. In that case we will just check out the Jesuit ruins instead. Thanks again to everyone for the help - this is why I love this site! :) Wish us luck!