I live near Cristina: toxic air; I can't breathe


The economy is in freefall and we are spending our energy on a government that has left the house over 3 years ago . The newspapers are very silent about the real situation in Argentina now and its only the beginning of a very long long crash imho .

UK Man

Thanks to you Sergio I now know our apartment in the capital is located on the same avenue as hers. I suspect her en suite bathroom is five times bigger than our whole apartment though. :D

Our last visit was around a month ago and we returned with no ill effects....maybe the wind was blowing in the opposite direction?


I find this thread pathetic. The speach of hate in not acceptable in democracy. Even I think the President is a criminal and I made a criminal complaint against him for being a nazi, I do not make retarded post like this one. Both, CFK and MM represent democratic institutions so they deserve respect if you respect democracy.
We do hate her and what are you going to do about it? She has never deserved my respect.