I need Marmite!


May 3, 2008
I´ve seen the posts appealing for peanut butter but does anyone know where I might be able to get Marmite? I have a feeling it might be a stupid question....! :)
Ugh horrible stuff.!!! Seriously though my wife always brings her own, if you find any let me know. Drop me a note beginning of June and I may persuade her to bring extra.
You could make your own marmite
You need some
flaked yeast - buy mine from one of those bulk food stores. Don't
use brewer's yeast or bread yeast, make sure it's the edible flaked
Then mix it to the required cosistency with soy sauce!

There are different soy sauces too - light, dark, mushroom soy etc. Try
each one and see which taste you like best. I prefer the mushroom soy -
it's closer to the real marmite flavour.
It's very satisfying, mixing the two together in a wee bowl, and you can make it as thick or as runny as you wish.
Give it a try - it's very cheap that way, and of course, there are no preservatives or caramelisers or other additives either.
Hi... I have an Ebay shop which provides British Food to Expats, I have been given this website address by a member.. If you need anything particular, leave me a post here and will endeavour to help... thanks Denise
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