I will ask again... what should I expect at customs?


Dec 29, 2007
I wrote this question earlier, but no answer??? I will be shipping some paintings, books, records, a sculpture and a few other items... are there some forms I should fill out b4? Should I set the price at 0?
cb you will only be allowed to import efectos personales if you have at least a temporary visa (no tourist visa) I will have some stuff shipped as well and I just told the shipping agency to officially declare a value of 100 usd but to have it insured at a higher amount. also, as far as I know, you cannot import any personal belongings that you have purchased less than a year ago. also watch out and be at customs as soon as your stuff arrives, if not you might well be missing one or the other item... good luck!
Sounds like maybe I should send the stuff to SF 1st...once settled with residency permit etc.... either have the stuff sent, or bring it in myself... How stupid it would be to pay import tax on paintings, sculptures, photos I made myself.....I read a bunch of different messages on the forum about this matter...seems like there is no set rule about this.... depends on who you get at customs
Quoting "cbphoto":
". . . . How stupid it would be to pay import tax on paintings, sculptures, photos I made myself. . . ."
May you never leave Argentina! I'm told (by an Argentine lawyer) that exporting or taking any visible artwork (even painting, sculptures, and photographs that you yourself made or took) out of the country requires considerable paperwork ("legal artwork", I suppose) and, often, payments -- if it's even allowed.

Thank you so much. I have made a decision, AR would not be one of my target countries to research. Although I am planning to visit friend in Chile next year and I might stop by BA just to see how much it has change

Again, I am most greatful