ibook G4 for sale 250 USD


Dec 2, 2010
White ibook G4. Great condition and fast little machine. Only the battery lets it down so it has to remained plugged in if used for any long period of time. Internal internet airport and all the extras in good working order.

I leave back to the UK soon so bag yourself a bargain, I would like a quick sale. No ridiculous offers please, it's a good price! 250 USD

Brand new software overhaul by Mac Technician

O.S - 10.4.11 (Tiger)


iWork ‘09: This is Apple’s Office Suite. It can open and save to all Microsoft formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). The programs are called Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.
iTunes 8.2.1.
Firefox 3.6.10 The latest version of the web browser. The computer also has Safari, Apple’s web browser.Flash Player 10. Latest version.
Skype 2.8.0 (latest version).
VLC 1.1.0 Media player. VLC opens and plays many movie file types (AVI, etc.) that QuickTime cannot.
Perian 1.2.1 and Flip4Mac – these two helper apps allow QuickTime to open and play all other movie types (WMV, etc.)

m_david22@yahoo.co.uk or 15 6533 5212