I'd like to meet some other foreigners!


Apr 19, 2008
Hi all! I'm an american living here in buenos aires and I want to meet some other foreigners living (surviving!!) in this city..I'm 21 and I teach English classes. I'd like to meet up for coffee or drinks with other foreigners and share experiences (I've got some argentine friends here but it's not the same!!) If anyones interested let me know my mails [email protected] besos!
Yup Mike1, Americans do count as foreigners :) believe it or not. jajaja
Kay is there an age limit to this invite?
Yes Mike, I think an American in Argentina qualifies as a foreigner!And there's no age limit! I like to meet people of all ages, I just put my age just to introduce myself and because some people might rather meet up with people who are similar ages...
Hey if you guys are ever arranging a night out give me a shout and ill provide some Irish blood to this foreign legion!
Im Dave, 23, and ill be here in BsAs for a year or so...

My advice would be to email Katherine (her email is in the thread). She's got something set up for Friday at 9pm in Palermo. Bar 6 I believe. But better to check with her.