Id Theft...

D.B. Cooper

Oct 7, 2012
Somebody in Jakarta Indonesia stole my Apple ID and ordered a Book from Itunes store for $31.00
I just changed my Apple password. Did you ever have to go through this ?
What a pain in the ass !!! I wrote to Apple telling them I'm not paying for it.
I just change my email account password too.
Your credit card company should be on top of this. If you haven't already, contact them. Thieves usually purchase $1.00 on Itunes and see if they can score a bigger fish later.
It happened to me last year but the charges came out of Australia at some Quick Stop's. I have no idea how they got the info. But I immediately called the credit card company and cancelled the card and got a new. As RichardP says above you need to do that ASAP!
This is quite common and usually easy to fix online. Just decline to pay the item on your credit card bill.

If the charges persist write to the CEO of the credit card company. They had people around them to investigate customer complaints.