Immigration into Argentina from Mercosur countries

Does anybody have any reliable sources of the number of foreigners who are residents(or illegal aliens) in Argentina
The Bolivian embassador says there are around 2 million Bolivians in Argentina but that seems unlikely to me as you cant keep your Bolivian nationality if you want to naturalize as an Argentine. Seems to me that most Bolivians want this and after 5 years they can start the procedure
"ericdharma" said:
I would guess that many of the Bolivians here are illegal.
But the onces that are not will become Argentinian only, unless they are born in Argentina. There also have been many pardons(I don´t know the word in English) in the past and right now there is one to legalize one milion illegal aliens. The stupiest thing to do ever, but it fits right in with the Kirchner adminstration