Immigration Lawyer Recommendation


Oct 28, 2005
Hi everyone!
This isn't a service that I provide myself, but rather a recommendation for a local Immigration Lawyer to all those interested in obtaining a DNI (and I think there are a lot of us out there). His name is Gabriel Celano of the firm Logistica Internacional here in Buenos Aires and he specializes in Immigration & Customs. Mr. Celano has lived and worked in the U.S. so he has immense knowledge of both AR & US. documents & procedures-- he's also fluent in English & Portuguese (huge plus). After an exhaustive search and lots of conflicting information, I hired Mr. Celano for his services and I couldn't recommend him more. His approach is extremely professional and expedient (i have just filed for my DNI). He also offers free consultations. If you're thinking about applying for a DNI, it's really worth contacting him: [email protected] Feel free to mention that I referred you.
Thanks Napua: there's at least one out there -- me. Can you tell me any more about what it costs, how long does it take, does it require special documents. Since I've lived here for a couple of years already, it would not be easy for me to get documentation about where I've lived before. This has always been a particular problem.

Any more details would help.

thanks, Mike