In every province across Argentina children are forced into marriage


Oct 9, 2007
Seems that the federal government needs to create and enforce new laws, instead of letting the provinces continue with whatever weak regulations they might have today. Argentina will never be considered a modern country while they allow this to be such a common and accepted practice.
Several countries have this issue from Argentina to the United States to Afghanistan and it's abhorrent that societies still permit this.

My home state (finally) banned it, and I'm hoping the same will happen in Argentina.

There is no reason why someone under 18 should get married (hell, I'm willing to bet many of us who are or were married would argue that it should be even higher than 18).
Ok, devil's advocate here, in a country that boys and girls can start their hormonal treatment at 10 years old , how is this surprising?
If anything this would be a little closer to natural that a man marries a young girl to raise a family, you know , virgin Mary and all of that.....
What is surprising is that these people are the one pushing for legal abortions and now they are blown away by young women getting married?
The political correctness these days is repulsive, when you are poor and you know you'll be poor there comes an age in your household that you are one more mouth to feed and marriage is the most logical and natural way to don't be a burden at your house where i'm sure they have more kids to feed., of course other options would be..... getting a job at a rich man's house where i'm sure she will be free of any dangers of abuse.....
Get a grip people, young poor women don't have a brilliant career waiting for them or have to luxury to ask themselves what they would like to be when older.
Here are the options for young poor women,
a) get married young, and hope your husband is a decent man ,even if he's older and might not be rich
b)work at a rich man's house where most likely she'll be impregnated by the old man himself, his son or be mistreated by the wife
c)find your way into prostitution and best case scenario work for a whorehouse and not truck stops
d)become a mule for drug trafficking
Out of these options , if you were a young poor woman with no promising career of any kind. which would you choose?