Jan 2, 2007
Does anyone have a good resource/research about incorporating a business here. I have had some former clients in the US approach me to assist them with hiring people here as they are opening offices. I am incorporated in the US as an LLC recruiting firm but want to make sure I am complying with the legal requirements here. I am also currently on a tourist visa although will probably move forward with getting my DNI.
I work as an attorney in the States, City, and have a professional acquaintance in Buenos Aires whom I've found to be personable and very knowledge. His English is passable, but he is patient with another's mediocre Spanish (and, in a fix, his wife works as a very good translator). Were I you, I'd consult with this porteño lawyer or someone like him, for Argentine law is even less friendly to the layman than American; if you send me a PM, I'd be happy to send you my acquaintance's name, address, and telephone number.
The following link should provide a lot of info: can change anytime. Since this doc was created, the asset tax threshold has been increased to $300,000 and is retroactive for 2007. This tax applies to all property owners.