I For example, did Macri really state he wants to turn Argentina into India intending to make Argentinians poorer! Wow! Send me a link. (I'm against him too if he said that he wants to make Argentinians poorer!)

Michetti asserted that the model to follow is India. Who is India, a country with a lot of poor people, so, to become India [instead of Europe], poors has to be made [because there is too much middle class] and all the decision he made makes common people poorer.
Aren't the level of taxes determined by Congress? Does Macri or did Macri control the Congress to effect recent tax cuts on the wealthy?
He did it by decree by passing the Congress. However, he controls the Congress by extortion, the same than judges.

Mining: decree 346/2016.
Farmers: decree 135/2015.

He just enacted a super long decree yesteday and there are a lot more.
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I didn't read Sturzenegger's speech, it's rather long. If you can quote what precisely he said, great.

Regardless, now we're going to compare a nuanced speech made to a gathering of professionals, as well as a formal study - in academics it's kinda normal to study things which are common sense and common knowledge, because formal proofs, formal experiments, and gradations matter, right? - to a general assertion made to the media, which on its face is not true. And which was not denied by Kicilloff the following day.


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Michetti asserted that the model to follow is India. Who is India, a country with a lot of poor people, so, to become India [instead of Europe], poors has to be made [because there is too much middle class] and all the decision he made makes common people poorer.
To better understand the above link, I translated it on Google. The piece that you have linked as proof of your assertion that Macri said he wants to make Argentinians poorer says no such thing and ,in fact, has an opposite meaning.
You have lost credibility. I no longer feel the need to argue with you - you are so hopelessly and blindly partisan that you have to make up stuff to win an argument. If you really cared for the well being of your countrymen as you purport to be, you would not behave like that.
What market are you referring to when you say "when the market crashes?" I didn't appreciate that market crashes -of any type- were good for the rich?
Depends on how you make the money. Ask Trump about when to buy real State, he asserted that when the market crashes.

Speculators makes money during crashes while the industry suffer or collaps.

If you see, he erased all the rule of proteccionism of the local industry.
Isn't much of the national debt due to the fiscal policies of the K clan? Arg did default on its international sovereign debt obligations before Macri took office, didn't it?.
No, it is not.
The National debt was created between 1976/1982 when they did the same than they doing now. Cheap usd for speculators.

The international debt rise from 4 up to 90 billion usd.

The second tine was during Menem’s presidency where the debt rise up to 190 billion but he acchieve to control inflation (at a very expensive price).

On 2001 the market crased when were ruling the same people who rules now but the President was De la Rua.

The default happend then.

The Kirchner Presidents (clan? WTF?) focused on paying the debt.

When Macri got the Presidency there was no fiscal deficit, it began when he started to cut taxes to rich people/companies.
If there are now industrial monopolies i.e. a limited number of suppliers within an industrial sector (steel, paper, cement, food) can that be attributed to the current government? I don't follow your argument if you mean to attribute this situation to Macri rather than to an administration that was in power for over 12 years before him.
The monopolies are not new. Techin was sponsor by Peron on a model of planified economy like the Soviet Union. Before Peron they were on the scrap metal busisness.

During last dictatorship the monopolies got stronger.

The former administration enacted the media anti trust law that Macri derogated by decree immidiately.

This situation is not fault of Macri, he is part of it. Clarin rules the country. Shell rules the country. The farmers union rules the country. And so on.
What I can say with a fair amount of certainty is that during the years of the K administration and especially the last 8 of CFK, there has been an increase in poverty especially outside of BA province. Inside the capitol, slums have flourished (if that term can be used to describe a growing problem).
The UN disagree with you widely:

Slums are an issue since 1945. While Macri paint the walls of the slums and Larreta paints swimming pools on the floor, the former administration builted 381.000 social houses and Milagro Salas builted 8 real swimming pools.
As opposed to before, when we had less poor people than Germany.

Just quit.
As usual you do not understand what you read Ben.
Argentina was buildted copying Europe, if now he want to copy India, well, there is too much infraestructure and middle class. Now it is understandable for you?