information and law about 2 marriage in Argentina.


Sep 26, 2018
hello friends i am new at this page. i met an Argentinian woman. i want to marry her. i am already married and having 2 kids and i want to shift my 1st wife and kids with me to Argentina. my 2nd wife will not have any problem with this. i just want to ask if there is any legal restriction regarding two wife's at a same time. in Argentina. waiting for reply.
Yes. You won't be getting married to a second wife if you have a first wife. That's bigamy. And a no in most countries in the world. Best of luck to you.
Hola @flako:
Is it true that Polygamy is BLESSED by some religion?
What would be the requisites to convert?

One woman is enough. Why be greedy? ;)
Some prefer a smorgasbord .. All you can eat !

It is illegal here.
Where is it legal?
Carson City Nevada, Waco Texas, … ?
If I remember there was a guy named Koresh .. he had lots .. 10`s … and it was all legal for many many years until he turned violent.
This thread has to be the strangest one ever on the forum.
Isn't this thread somewhat similar to the following hypothetical thread?

"Hi everyone, I'm a 31-year old female moving soon to Saudi Arabia with my husband who works in petroleum. In my country it's normal for women to drive cars, but I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to drive one there. Any advice?"

In other words, different parts of the world have different cultures, for better or for worse, and when you choose to live there, you have to adapt to that culture?