insuring a macbook - help!


Jul 29, 2008
so i have two weeks left until i go and have just discovered that my travel insurance that comes with my enhanced premium back account for which i pay an amount/month to have favourable benfits, DOES NOT cover laptops and other effects, only luggage lost in transit, that kinda thing, and no mention of stolen property, only mislaid.

SO, what should i do? i'm really only coming with 2 items of notable value (mac book and collectible portable turntable worth £250 plus 30 vinyl records) and a suitcase with clothes and basic effects, some books and ephemera, none of which has any significant value. however, these two items are my lifeline, as are my records, and if i lost or either one of these were stolen i would be inconsolable, not to mention the importance of the laptop for work/study etc.

any suggestions? i am thinking of staying in BA for 8, 9 months, maybe a year, maybe even longer. i will be processing my papers for dual nationality.
have enough money to buy a new laptop/Mac in ARG prices (30% more).

the insurer will take forever to pay out even if they did grant that you would be covered. (those bank issued insurances are rubbish - marketing crap - and you are only covered for 30 or 45 days out of the country)

and get a 'western digital passport' back up drive and perform backups religiously - it has a software to do this plug&play - dead easy.'re bringing a record player??? why don't you mp3 the vinyl records? there is enough 'hiss & crackle' in the ambiente noise of BsAs to give you the authentic sound.