Jan 24, 2009
I just recently joined as I'll be moving to BsAs in a few. I've visited a hundred times and stay in Belgrano.
I've been going thru the threads and one constant is cost, expenses, rent, etc., . . . one thing i've noticed, if i may be so bold, is that most people are looking in the wrong areas regarding these things. I have a place in Belgrano (Cabildo con Congresso on the subte) and while it's not Recoleta it's a great place to be! And besides, Recoleta is only 10 minutes away! Plus, everything is cheaper; my daughter lived in Palermo (off Charcas) for 3 years and one thing we've noticed is the difference in prices ie: cheaper. Now, I'm not saying dirt cheap but enough to make a difference to those on a tight budget.
About me, my wife is Argentine (though she's lived in the States most of her life) and my daughter lives in BsAs with her Argentine husband. If I can be of any help please don't hesitate to ask. Obviously, with Argentine contacts i have a little advantage over most as to the ins and outs of the country but if i can be of any help regarding the quirks of Argentina again, don't hesitate to ask.
I should be in BsAs permanently around August though i'll definitely visit prior to. If there are any golfers around let me know as i've played some very fine courses and would love to get a group together. Also, it seems i'm much older than most of you (41) so have a heart! (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
Welcome RT :) I am an Argentine in my mid 30´s married to an American ( living here for 6 yrs now ) heheh see we are not teenagers either ;)
Hello you old...Just kidding - I'm 53 and just got here last week. Seems like most newcomers are 20 something. My wife is Argentine and we are both here on Rodriguez Pena. My Spanish is poor, and I understand most of what is said...unless it is very fast.
I just found this site and hope to find Grant's Restaurant on Tuesday.
Hello Bob, I am planning on moving to BA in August and I need some help. I have 3 friends who live there while I currently reside in Washington, DC. I am planning on going back to school eventually but I'd like to have another adventure before I go back. I'd like to live in Argentina as long as I can but I need a job. I'd like to teach English but I'm having a hard time finding something concrete. Actually, I'd work any job as long as it helped pay the bills. Any suggestions on how to find employment in BA?
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RedTide-welcome. I don't think 41 is much older than me :) My hubby and I are always looking to meet new people, hopefully we can have coffee or better yet, some wine.
Thanks for the replies. I look forward to meeting some of you in the future. I'll probably be down around mid-March and will keep an eye on the board.