Dec 1, 2008
Hello All,

I'm new to BA and plan to be here for a while. I have been back and forth between Ba and Bariloche for the last month. I expect to be here for at least the next month and in Argentina for the next five months.

I enjoy playing golf, reading, writing, and was a real estate broker for 7 years before coming to Argentina. Before that I was a business consultant for physicians for 9 years. I have a degree in broadcast news from UGA, love to follow current events worldwide and watch the financial markets.

I have enjoyed going out to dinner here often, took four weeks of Spanish classes and really need to work on and improve my speaking.

I will meet anyone for dinner and/or drinks if it is not too far from my current(temporary) place in Palermo and attend some social functions when posted. I look forward to meeting some of you!!

Brent Garrison
Hola Brent,

Welcome to Argentina. Look me up when you come back to Bariloche. Suerte!
Hi everyone!

I am coming to BA for at least 6 months this January. I resigned last month from my Investment Banking job in London for many different reasons... and I notably wanted to get some fresh air and sunlight!
I only have very basic knowledge of Spanish yet but I would up to speed very quickly with it.. so i guess i would need:
1) to meet a few people who've been around
2) find a decent place in Palermo
3) find good & intensive spanish classes

if you have any idea, you're most welcome!

take care and see you soon maybe!

[email protected]