Isabel looking for interesting friends in BA


Nov 25, 2008
Hola a todos!

I am a European working in the US and planning to come to BA next year. Just found this forum and am thrilled to see so much information here :) So while I search around for residency information, language/cultural must-do's and all that, I just wanted to say a quick hello and ask if there is anyone out there who has recently made the move to BA and what you thought about it.

My first and foremost reason for moving: the people!! I miss having close and warm friendships with neighbors, friends... people being direct, open, even loud :) It all reminds me of Europe. Also: looking to find out more about the artist and literary communities. And finally: if you have any suggestions on books, good Argentine bands or musicians, and websites I could visit, please forward them my way.

All suggestions are welcome :)

Hi Isabel,

My name is Anna Maria.. I just moved to Buenos Aires last Friday. I am a artist from EEUU, and I came here to Buenos Aires to work on my new series of paintings, and also teach english.. Since I am new here, and don't know many people I would love to hang out sometime. The city is beautiful.. you will love it. Please send me a email or give me a call when you arrive
[email protected]

thanks ,
Anna Maria
Thank you, I will email you if you've provided an email :) The art scene does sound quite interesting, I'd like to research it as much as possible before coming there.