IT work in BA


Oct 8, 2005
Hey guys my name is Martin and I plan on moving out to BA in a few months. I will finish school here at Texas State with a degree in Poli Sci/International Studies. But Im not sure if i will find work with that alone. Right now I do IT work mostly trouble shooting networks. I plan on getting my CCNA CCDA Cisco certifications before I move down. Does anyone know anything about the IT market down there. If you have any ideas let me know [email protected] Thanks for your help guys.
It is sad friend, but a few weeks ago there was an ad in english in the Clarin of the sunday with your name all over it("IT work"... "trouble shooting networks" "english proficiency"). You should check the classified section that comes with the sunday edition of that newspaper, there is always a fair amount of ad in english. It is not available online, sorry.
Clarin classifieds are available online:

Búsqueda de Empleos

Then category 29: Técnico. Analistas y Programadores.
Operación: Pedidos
Especialidad : Programadores, Analistas, Diseñadores, Computistas etc.

Click "Buscar" button.
Dear admin: I was there before posting. No ads in foreign languages in the online version.