Jazz and R&B?


Oct 22, 2009

Expats, I've been hopeless searching for a place that I could unwind, chill-out and slip on a glass of don, or a apple martini straight up, even a wonderful bottle of wine would do (preferable Rutini). While enjoying my beverage, slow sensual Jazz is being produce with hopes of no interruptions.

Maybe, place where I can go and listen to some r&b and maybe dance a little. Does that exist down here in Buenos Aires?

Your responses and recommendations are severely needed.. lol

-R&B addict..
Lots of good jazz in BsAs, not the least bit dead.
Thelonius is good almost any night.
Notorious often has good stuff.
The jazz festival just ended- there were free shows all over town, as well as paid admission shows. I saw Guillermo Klein play at the Recoleta Cultural Center, outside at night for free, it was a LOONG way from dead. Lilianna Herraro guested, and was awesome

R&B, on the other hand, is african american music- and, since there are virtually none of either in argentina, there is no authentic R&B to speak of.
No blues either.

listen local, you will be happier-
lots of good tango variants, argentinan techno folk, rock nacional, cumbia, electronic, and other homegrown music with soul- Argentinian Soul- which works better south of the equator than ersatz american soul.
There is a little jazz club on guatimala between aaroz & scalabrini ortiz.
I don't know the name but 2 or 3 different jazz acts most nights.
Thanks for the suggestions!! I really appreciate it! I'll look for it Tom and I'll look into the links you provided, Ilmarinen. What I don't get is, this is a big city and in big cities, you tend to find everything. There has too be R&B somewhere. I heard Beyonce is coming to Buenos Aires. So,obviously some Portenos like R&B. (Yes, I will be attending the show.. lol)

R&B maybe for a certain demographic. You know what, despite that, it's still something I prefer. I heard Argentian music and most of it I just don't like. I've heard plenty. Live bands, Subte-playing artists, Tango, Disco Latin-AR music, the list goes on and on. Well, I just thought about POP-Tango, it leans a bit in my direction. I sorta, me gusta a bit.

What I need is music emotions, on top of soul, attitude and passion. Not sad, death related or la-la-la disco-ness. IMO, not all AR music sounds the same nor has the same energy but it's definitely is missing something I need and I'll continue to search for..