Joanna Newsom at Niceto Friday--anyone interested in meeting up and going?


Mar 29, 2006
So I just realized that that I forgot to make arrangements and get tickets for Joanna Newsom at Niceto for this Friday. Niceto has been hosting credible acclaimed rock/pop acts since last spring on Fridays, although the only I've seen was the Evens (Ian MacKaye's [of Fugazi/Minor Threat] current band) last April/May-ish. The tickets are fairly priced for an international act but a bit rich for here, and the show is one of the few example of a relatively unknown act for this hemisphere(please contrast with the awful Marilyn Manson at Pepsi Music later this month) playing in BA. I reckon I won't catch anyone interested in seeing such an ugly-duckling concert but figured I'd toss out the notion in case someone is interested in meeting up and going. The music is sort of faux, precocious Americana, like a young ostrich-swan hybrid singing invented Stephen Foster B-sides, with perhaps overly artsy instrumentation, if there were such a thing, which there isn't. I doubt I'll find taker on this board but figured I'd toss out the notion, as seeing an oddball concert might be a good way to meet people and it is sometimes more fun to see shows with company. I don't know when/if the show will sell out but intend to buy tickets in advance.
hi, i actually do NOT like Joanna Newsom! she's cute, but that voice just annoys me. so I won't be joining you for that show, but the shows at Niceto Club always look really good. I wanted to go to the Evens but didn't make it!
anyway, I might be interested next time! let me know next time there's a show that looks good.E.