Juicer / Juguera


Nov 24, 2008
Has anyone bought a juicer here? I'm looking for recommendations. I'm looking at the Moulinex 600W model for $459 ARG. But I'm wondering if I should just go with a lower priced 200W or 400W model. I anticipate using it daily as I currently use a blender daily to make smoothies, but I want the benefits of a juicer. If you have a juicer let me know what you think.
the best one is the omega 8003, not sur eif u can find it here. Dont buy a cheap one as in order to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, it is necessary first to break down the cell walls and fibres and then separate out the juice. Usually inexpensive juuicers merely grate fruits and vegetables, leaving strings of unbroken cells...Because the juice is flung out, it mixes with the air and so oxidises (turns brown) quickly. The pulp usually remains very moist, because the process has not extracted all the juice. Not only is this more wasteful, but the juice is paler, more watery, lower in nutrient value and often quite insipid in flavour.
I can't help you with where to buy a juicer in BA, but ditto everything else vo said.

I have an Omega 8005 juicer and it works very well. I've had it for 3-4 yrs. Great unit. Operates well and you can clean it in 3 minutes.

I went to the Omega site and found this category for 220/240 volt juicers:


The 8224 is the 220/240 volt version of the 8003. The 8226, the 8005 in N Am.

Not cheap, but if you can afford to spend the extra bucks, it'll likely last for years..
The Falabella Home on Florida has an array of Juicers & Blenders. I'm not sure if they have the one you want, but it's on Florida near Corrientes.