July 4th?!


I was wondering if anyone had the desire to do anything to celebrate? I am probably going to go out and get my American drink on somewhere and was wondering if anyone else wanted to join, or had suggestions on a location? Obviously bbq and fireworks will not be apart of the equation, but there's plenty of beer to be drank and laughs to be had here in BA! Who's with me...anyone?

Hi Adrienne! My name is Astrid, I am a porteña who just came back from NYC after 3 years studing and living there. I know some americans are getting toguether in "Rubia y Negra", a sushi place around 19.00 to celebrate. I would have suggested Henry B or another american place, but seems fun, u should go!Send me an email if u want further info: astrid_in_ny@hotmail.com