Just when I was beginning to think WTF am I doing here something rather nice happened.....

UK Man

As the years of living here roll on....must be around 14 years now. I do admit to once in a while finding it increasingly difficult to put up with the mess created by totally useless politicians and others, especially those of a certain persuasion. I shall say no more on that.
However the other day my positive feelings for this country were restored all thanks to a fish shop queue. When out shopping with my wife she saw there was a queue outside the fish shop. She asked me to join it while she went into the CoOp a few doors down to get some cheese and cold ham.
A tall well built and heavily tattooed young chap wasn't sure where the queue ended so asked me if I was last in the queue. I replied yes. He soon cottoned on I was foreign and asked where I was from....Escocia I said. Much to my surprise he started excitingly talking to me in English saying we don't get many foreigners here. He went on to tell me he used to be a boxer and proudly showed me the broken nose he had. Then went on to say he had since gave the boxing up and had turned to singing in a group.....the Guns n Roses T shirt he was wearing was a clue. As the queue down and my wife hadn't reappeared it was soon my turn to enter but as I hadn't a clue what she wanted I told the young chap he was welcome to go before me.

He came out thanked me again and as a parting farewell wanted to shake my hand...bugger the virus I thought and gladly firmly grasped it and off he went. When the miissus eventually returned she went in to get the fish. She came out and said you're the talk of the town!! Seems the young chap was telling the shop owner that there was a Scottish man outside. The shop owner knows my wife so immediately knew who I was.
A simple story but the experience cheered me up no end.


I've lived in La Plata with my wife for 8 years and what you describe has been my constant experience. Once people know I'm American they treat me like a rock star. They are all smiles, and chatty and curious about me. They are even more thrilled if I let them use whatever english words they know in our conversation.


Im glad to hear that you had a nice experience this country has always welcomed foreigners most of us descend from Spanish or Italians and hope it doesn't change. There are some nationalist that think that there isn't nothing better than what we have and what we are but fortunately those ideas started to change for the better.