Know anything about Websites?


Oct 23, 2009
I am looking for some one to help me develop a simple website.

I know what kind of site I want it to be but have no idea how to get it from my head onto the internet.

It would need to be some one who is living in BA and is willing help me in person.

Either post below with your information and rates etc or send me a PM
The pay would be in ARG pesos or my services or food.
In addition to a GoDaddy or similar template sites, you could also consider using/ learning WordPress.

Depending on how complex a site you want, you may also consider using WordPress to power your site. You can use it as a blog ( and it's just like a normal blog. BUT, if you buy your own domain, you can use it as a content management system ( and use free or pay for tons of great templates - and it looks and acts like a 'normal' website, not a blog. The sky is the limit in terms of customization. An advantage is that a) you don't have to pay someone else to make any changes to your site b) you don't have to pay for someone else to build your site with a content management system c) there are tons of amazing features you can add (anything from SEO stuff to payment systems). You have great access to support via the forums and also, paying for customizations that are too complex for you to learn is inexpensive as it's more about code than design. (think of it like paying for an alteration vs paying for something custom-made).

I can give you a few more tips on getting started if you'd like, just PM me.