Laptops being confiscated at US airports


"Mike1" said:
I noticed that you have a very strong Anti-American sentiments and that
America is a fascist state attitude dudester. Corruption is
everywhere, and here is not an exception either, it just boils down to
how much money is put into the media to cover it up...
It's not to do with corruption. The USA is already a militarised national-security state in a state of perpetual paranoia. It's moving steadily towards totalitarianism -- tendencies which predate Bush by decades. An opinion from a "paleo-conservative" (Paul Craig Roberts, a Reagan Administration official):
According to the American Civil Liberties Union, a private organization that defends the US Constitution that inattentive Americans neglect, there are now one million names on the "terrorist" watch list.
One of them is that of former Assistant US Attorney General Jim Robinson, whose top security clearances are current. Every time Mr. Robinson flies away on business, he is delayed by a totally incompetent "terrorist" protection racket that cannot tell a person named Jim Robinson, who served in the highest echelons of the US government, from a Muslim terrorist.
What confidence can we have in a regime that is incapable of differentiating an Assistant US Attorney General from a terrorist?
Mr. Robinson said: "If I were convinced that America is a safer place because I get hassled at the airport, I might put up with it, but I doubt it. I expect my story is similar to hundreds of thousands of people who are on this list and find themselves inconvenienced."


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"Dudester" said:
Holy sh*t Mike, you're defending the way New Orleans was handled !?!?! Man, I thought I've heard it all.... check this out hombre, Even FEMA admits they effed up BIG TIME... The Government admits it (a very rare occurrence) but you're still defending them, my God !!! WAKE UP !!!

LISTEN UP - THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR NEW ORLEANS or 9/11 !!! End of discussion (for your information, a few years before 9/11/2001 the French stopped an attempt by some Algerian Hijackers as they took over an Air France plane and planned on crashing it into the Eiffel Tower. SOMEHOW French Elite forces did their job right, killed all of them at a fake "Refueling stop". There are NO EXCUSES for a job done wrong). You work for the US Government Mike? I suspect it's very possible.....

Listen, I really can't waste my time discussing this with you any further cause IMHO you are way too far gone. Just stay blind to what the US Government is up to and one day soon you will wake up in a beautiful, totally fascist country. Like so many other naive, clueless Americans that don't see the "Tsunami" coming until they're 20 ft under water you just continue to live in your fantasy world.

Really, I can't deal with such an unaware, simplistic thought process. My girl friend's sister just had a baby girl 5 days ago, getting you to understand would be like trying to explain it all to the newborn and having her "get it". Somethings are just impossible to do. Talk to me when you "get a clue" (and read some World History books), Dudester
I´m not defending anyone or anything. It happens, what were you doing in the midst of all of this? Complained instead of trying to making a difference? Psh typical for a backseat driver. If you were part of the effort, you´d view things differently. Yes, FEMA screwed up. We´re human, and people aren´t perfect, shit happens. It just proves that we aren´t really prepared for things on that scale. I´m not talking about government, but from the people´s point of view in general. If an 8.5 hits LA you´d prolly be complaining about FEMA too? Get a life.


That's fine Genius. If FEMA can't cut it just give me back my thousands and thousands of dollars in US Fed and State tax money I've paid in and I won't EXPECT any kind of protection (but as of now since I pay for it it BETTER be f**king there when needed) Are you aware that certain agencies and departments are solely set up to deal with emergencies - That's what they get paid for (Police, Fire Dept, National Guard, etc). Does your money mean anything to you ? - let me know..... BTW, I'll get a life Senor Mike but you must first "get a clue" and then "get a brain" and fill it with some knowledge - BON CHANCE !!!


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Well, I was there I saw it all, I made a difference by helping other human beings, where were you? Sitting in front of a television, just b*ching and whining about how how the government screwed up? What about the ones that ran across the border when the pre-paid credit card were handed out? How about those that have been abusing the social systems there for MANY years PRIOR to Katrina? If bureaucratic problems matters that much to you, go run for an office, or get a bunch of petitions put together so that your initiative goes on the next ballot. The actions speak for itself, if you think you can do a better job, go do it, otherwise it's just bullsh*t talks about some conspiracy crap that goes nowhere.


Dearest Mike, if I sat "Behind" my TV I wouldn't be able to see the screen -lol. Yeah, the Government wants mucho volunteers to jump in when any US disaster happens = less work and man power for them, they could slack more. Like I said, you want my work? PAY FOR IT !!! I pay them to get the job done, DON'T YOU GET IT !?!?!?! PAY and WORK FOR FREE ??? NO EFFING WAY, my time and physical/mental labor is valuable "NO WORK FOR FREE SENOR". Get Bush's empty headed daughters down there to shovel scum, they've been around it their entire lives so they should be used to it...... Hey Mike, if I buy a small Apartment in Recoleta will you come clean it for free once a week ? PLEASE !!!!


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So you're saying that the volunteer firemen that are in Argentina should not go to your place in the case of a fire because they aren't paid to do it right? FYI(and shallow mind) There are no PAID fire depertment in Argentina. Rigggggght.. I'll make a note of that to them. ;-) What's your address again? BTW the wording on the TV thing is fixed. You sir, do not have the morals or the capacity think about these things. I did what I felt was the right thing to do. I've put my camera down and did what ever I could. Lemme make it easier for you. If you happen to see the president drown while on an assignment covering a MAJOR flood, what would you do?A. Get your shots & help him anyways because it's the right thing to do for another human being.B. Get your shots, watch him drown, & sell your photos to some tabloid magazine for MILLIONS of dollars. ;-)


Hey crack me up... You got that Bush drowning photographer choice thing from the internet.... the best thing about it you failed to write:C. Should I use B&W film and print it with a nice sepia tone or use chromocolor:p...but back on the topic, even though it has been enjoyable listening to you 2 "bietch" at each other... (I had a nice 2 day session with Mike about him underpaying his cleaning lady)I am also a bit peaved when I go through security/customs and they ask me where I have been, where I am going, what I do for a living... and then want to go through my bags... none of your f..cking business I want to say... search without due cause is un-constitutional... technically speaking.That being said...and times the way they are... I understand the "need" to do so...BUT.. taking off my flip-flops, a lighter, a few ounces of liquid.. that are OK..if I put them in a clear plastic bag.... and the best.... plastic knives!!! Like I am going to try to take over a plane (after sept 11th) with a metal butter knife..lolChrisB