Las Canitas


May 19, 2009
Hi everyone !
This is my 1st posting so forgive any fau-pax's.
The projected plan is 6 months in BA and 6 months in US. (New Joisy to be more precise).
I've been reading about Las Canitas as a good place to rest one's expat head while in BA.
My daughter lives in Belgrano where I am currently staying. Some thought's ? advice ?

PS: when I use the term "I" ...I mean "We " as in wife and I
Las canitas is nice, clean, safe and modern with good transport links and right next to the parks.

Its a bit soulless I suppose, all new buildings and high rises so you lose out the charm of other barrios but as a place to live its great. You're out of the tourist throngs, nobody pays you much attention as a foreigner and there are plenty of bars and restaurants to eat and drink in.

La Imprenta is a really nice area, right next to the parks and out of the way of the las canitas nightlife. We've been there a year, its peaceful and we've had no problems at all.

build18, I sent you a private message. Welcome to Las Canitas!