Legal Proceedings for divorce in B.A


May 19, 2008
Hi all,
I've been dating this B.A guy (my colleague) online and was thinking of going over this July. However, i am doubtful of some things he's saying to me.
Recently he's divorced and hence the separation will take 1 year before he will be officially divorced. This i can understand. However, he was saying that no woman can stay together (in his home) with him for this period in time as it will cause him trouble with the court proceedings and penalties will have to be paid or something like that, if he's caught in the house sleeping with another woman.
Is the above true? I was searching high and low online but couldnt find anything relevant to this topic. It would cost a bomb for me to travel to B.A from where i'm residing and i dun want to end up heart broken.
So any advice?
"chantress" said:
I've been dating this B.A guy (my colleague) online
I agree with Fishface, and please explain how you date your "colleague" online??
Once you get divorced you can do whatever you want, he is NOT YET divorced I cann assure you! Watch it out ;)
Hi all,
Fishface - He did mention that he'll be coming over in August (personal travel) or October (company sponsored trip). And so i was initially thinking of just going to BA for a holiday and also to meet him up personally.
DA - Simply put it..i have to liase with colleagues from overseas and we work in a team.
nikad - I was thinking about that too...however, i noticeed for his recent pictures, he was not using his wedding band anymore and pics of his ex wife/wife was taken out.
I wont send any $$ to him...but i was hoping that he'll be different from other guys n wanted to meet him. But when he mentioned abt the divorce thingy above, i suspect somethings not right. So shd i assume that there is no such thing as ' court personnels coming over his house to check on him?'
Yes, he can have problems, the Ex can accuse him (injurias graves) of being the cause of the rupture of the union. (art 202 civil code)
Hi Alejo,
Thank you :)
This enlightens me so much.....
Hopefully whatever i have with him will work out n we make it thru the odds
"Alejo" said:
Yes, he can have problems, the Ex can accuse him (injurias graves) of being the cause of the rupture of the union. (art 202 civil code)

This is true during the process, but not after there is a firm sentence!
I have no question divorce here is complicated on this front. I have a very good friend who is in a similar situation and my ex (who is Argentine) has at least 2 friends I know who also had to be very cautious when they wanted to start dating, before the divorce was final. Just be cautious and trust your instincts and remember, love can be risky :) At the minimum you'll have an opportunity to come to a great city/part of the world and maybe meet someone else if this one doesn't pan out - nothing really to lose, especially since so far it is an online relationship, no?