Lehman Bros. in Bankruptcy/B of A buys Lynch


Actually the original post was by Dudester who was obviously trying to draw reponses that the big bad Republicans have screwed the economy. I merely commented in response that this could be a problem for Argentina as well. My original post was:
One outcome of this situation is that it will make things tougher for Argentina. It could make economic problems there more likely which could speed-up the departure of the present government(a good thing in my opinion).
Hardly an anti-Argentine diatribe, it is anti-the-current government there. Is it possible you are one of their diminishing number of supporters? My guess is that 90% of the members here would share my negative view of the crooks and criminals that constitute the government there. My follow-up postings were simply in response to others wanting further clarification of my views.
I would be happy to read something positive on the situation there but I have yet to find anything.


I do hope that the Kirchners won't give economic pointers to the next American president!
No, wait: la presidenta is to be honored by the NYSE . . . .
Did anyone else note that the leadership of the ATFA appears to comprise only Democrat functionaries?


Guess who is the head of US House Banking Committee with regulatory responsibility of all US Financial Services?
(Democrat) Barney Frank. All SEC, INSURANCE and BANKING regulations and Oversight come from Frank's office, He is the sitting Chairman. Interesting, eh?