Apr 15, 2008
We tried Libélula last night. Highly recommended.

Address is Salguero 2983, between Libertador and Castex. Take the street number with you when you go, or you may not find it. From the street, it looks like the entrance to a classic French-style apartment building. Once you cross the vestibule, you find a very comfortable enclosed courtyard dining room for smokers, flanked by handsome interior rooms for the bar and main dining room.

The food is described as "Peruvian/Japanese." It's actually modern latina, like you find more often in North America than here. The Japanese component seems to be a short list of sushi rolls and some Asian-inspired presentations.

We tried a half dozen of the small plates and a couple of main dishes. Everything was excellent. Four different ceviches were each among the best I've had, with special recommendations for the Caribe, which has mangos, and the Scallops Bloody Mary. The crab cakes, gently flavored with wasabi to add a little bite, were so good we ordered a second plate (they come in 3's).

Special kudos for the bread, probably the best I've encountered here (yes, including the bakery at the Bourgogne). Good wine list with some lesser-known bottles, including a selection under the label of bodega Animal with nice, sweet tannins and reasonable prices.

Attentive, helpful staff, as well.

Dinner for 5 with 2 bottles of wine came to 640 pesos.