Living here and adapting slowly...


Jun 20, 2005
I am an American from California living with my Argentine wife and 10 year old son here in Buenos Aires for almost 2 years. I have a business (everything you've heard about biz here is unfortunately true) in commercials, TV, and movie post-production, production, design and interactive television. Still suffering from culture shock and looking to meet people for friendship, business, etc. Interests include traveling, contemporary art, music, movies and good food.

It appears that this site is fairly new. Curious to know how representative of the expat community it is and if there are other similar groups. My appreciation to the person(s) who established and maintain this site. I will try and attend the upcoming dinner. Not sure about the restaurants proposed as I live, work and tend to frequent restaurants in the Palermo Viejo/Hollywood area.
Hey Steve,

Two years huh? We´ve been here about four months, and are adapting too. Your business sounds interesting - I covered a lot of media buinsess and interactive TV stuff when I was in the UK. Both Jonny and I are journalists of one form or another. Try and come to the dinner, would be good to hook up.

How´s the business going?

Welcome to the club, Steve!

The site is a bit more than a month old. 75 users have signed up so far. 11 attended last dinner. Actually, we are not really trying to represent the expat community. Right now the content looks a bit shifted towards business issues, but that's just because people who are interested in free self-advertisement are more responsive. We are working on the list of subjects that we would like to get covered and hope that more people will contribute eventually on a variety of subjects.
Hi Dee and Admin,

Thanks for responding. Will not make next dinner after all as we are taking a trip to Cordoba. But hope to be at next one.

Dee: Biz is going here and in US. Was last in London to speak at iTV conference. Would love to connect and chat...

Steve, definitely hope to see you at the dinner. I have been living here for three years and do a lot of translation work for film. Richard
Hi Steve

Just noticed your blurb about the production industry in BSAS. I'm coming to live there in February next year with my GF. How is the industry going down there?
She's an English teacher, and I'm a film worker...
I am an american woman for almost four years, married to an argentinean man, and with a small child. I love living here, though startign a business is very trying. We opened, and shut a restaurant in Palermo Viejo, as it was too frustrating! My husband is a Tango dancer, and I am not workign at the moment, and life is calmer now! I think once you settle in, you begin to appreciate the day to day life, the friendly people, and what BA can offer children. The laws are almost irracional, but eventually you get the feel of how things work...I wish you luck!
Curious to hear more about the culture shock you are experiencing.
Hello Steve,

My name is Paul and I am writing from San Francisco. I too work in the television industry as a cameraman. I am moving to BsAs in October.

I've already established a business relationship with a working American journalist in BsAs- we will be collaborating on several projects. I'm bringing with me my complete NTSC betaSP camera package. Because most of my projects will be for the American market, I prefer to shoot in NTSC.

I will be in BsAs at the end of August to look for an apartment. I'll be there about a week. I'd like to maybe meet you for a drink and talk about the industry there, and maybe forge a business relationship as well.
Hi Steve,

Sorry about the delay. Just discovered this site. I moved here from LA to marry an Argentine gal. Plan on staying for quite some time. Have some friends in the movie biz. Would love to hook up and see how things are going for you. I've been here for four months. Living in Barrancas Belgano. Hats off to the website creator!!