Local homestay for two short-termers?


Hello all,

Two acquaintances of mine are coming into town from December 4-20th or so. They will be studying Spanish while here before moving on to do some traveling/WOOFing/volunteering in the rest of Argentina and elsewhere in SA.

They are a couple and are looking for one bedroom in a local person's house or apartment. They're happy to stay with people of all ages but prefer it be near the center/Congreso since that's where they'll be going to school.

I told them they can look for a place to stay on Compartodepto but I just thought I'd throw it out here in case anyone knows a porteño who does this kind of short-term hosting or has other good recommendations.

As always, thanks for your help, BAExpats!


I work at the US Embassy but know an Argentine lady that rents her lovely studio apartment on a short-term basis. This is her email to get the details of exact location and price. It's located downtown near Corrientes and Florida. (mfbuseng@arnet.com.ar)

The studio has twin beds, a small dining table for meals or studying, TV and phone are included, newly remodeled bathroom and a small kitchenette for simple cooking. Ideal for a couple students and her rates are good.



I am currently living in a beautiful two story house with an Argentine. We are actually good friends, and she is lovely!
Between those dates I am headed back to NYC for the holidays, and she is looking to rent out my room. Lovely, lots of light, fully furnished, queen bed, table, closet.. House includes tv, telephone and wifi.
She lives in Colegiales/ Chacarita, which is easily accesible by subte and buses.

If this sounds tempting, get in touch!!


I had a great homestay experience earlier this year living with a woman in the Congreso area. She has several rooms she rents out, and she has been hosting students and travellers for a few years now. The apartment is centrally located, in a safe neighborhood, a few blocks from the Congreso building and 9 de Julio, a five-minute walk to the subte and plenty of bus lines nearby. I don't know what her availability is for those dates, but if you like, you can e-mail me at saturnina1282@bellsouth.net and I can pass along her contact information.


Thanks to everyone for replying!

Terri, they really want to stay with locals to get more exposure to the language.

Vale, I passed your information along, looks like a great website.

Adrianna and Shan, I think since they're here for such a short amount of time they really want to be as close to the center as possible to make life easier.

BaLat, emailing you right now.

Thanks again, everyone.