Looking for a Burger!


Jun 24, 2005
I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good place for a burger. My roommates seem to think that Burger King is the best option, but I have to have more faith in BA than that. I have been dying to find a place, but am not sure where to look. I have had many decent burgers, but the only really GOOD one I had was at the Unicenter, which is a bit out of the way. Please help! The closer to Montserrat the better, but a good burger is also worth a trip!

Hi Adrienne...you should try Perica (Libertador & Bustamante) or Pepino (San Isidro)...let me know how it was...
Hey Adrienne, you can try Kansas. There's one in Martinez and another in Palermo, both on Av. Libertador. Ralph.
Thanks for your help I'll give some of these places a try and report back with my findings! :)
Argentinian food is bland? Coming from and anglosaxon I find that quite absurd.
I really like Argentine food and one of the reasons is that it is very mild (I wouldn´t say bland) and simple. I find that the quality of everyday food here is often better than what you get in ordinary restaurants in the US,Canada or UK. However at the top end, restaurants in North America and the UK are a lot more creative and the food is often a lot better - but very expensive. Americans in particular like ethnic food - Mexican, Thai, Indian, Chinese etc. These restaurants cook in a very spicy way. I find that here in BA such restaurants, when they even exist, tend to tone down the taste because Poretnos don´t like a lot of spice. As for Anglo-Saxon food being bland, that used to be true but things have changed a lot - especially in the UK where cooking standards have risen dramatically. London used to be a dead end as far as restaurants were concerned. Not so any more. The city is full of exciting restaurants, some of which feature enhanced British cooking.
Fair enough. I tend to agree with your analisis. Though I would like to point out that London´s good restaurants are in fact foreign (ie ethnic).
I am an Italian and, to be honest, not too impressed by the quality of food here. Apart from the meat, everything is quite low quality and expensive (exp vegetables, cheese and fish)
I have found some quite nice ethinic restaurants though.

Good Japanese: Asociacion Japonesa Nikkei (Independencia 750)
Good Chinese (only one in BA): Cant remember the name but it is on Tagle and Las Heras.
Decent Indian: Mumbai (Paraguay 436)
True many of the best restaurants in London are ethnic but there has been a serious revival / enhancement of British cooking as well. I agree that the high end restaurants here are not nearly as creative as those in the major US cities but the prices here are a fraction of what those places charge.

Fresh food can be a bit of a problem here. Despite the popular idea that Argentines have about food in the US, I have no problem there finding organic products. Chicken here is simply terrible, pork invariably tough, lamb gamey. Some cuts of beef are excellent, however. Supermarkets have a reasonable selection of vegetables (often pretty tired looking though) but restaurants seem to know only salad and potatos.
Well I think everyone has to remember that 1)In the States & Canada we are spoilt rotten for choice at grocery stores and 2)Half of our produce is jacked up with pesticides and chemicals so of course all of our stuff looks "perfect" in comparison, 3)I don't think Argentina is a large exporter of produce, but in Mexico they ship all the "firsts" to US & Canada and keep the seconds for themselves.

I am from Vancouver originally, then Boston, then Lodnon, recently did a stay in Mexico, and now coming to Argentina. I remember when I first went to Star Markets in Boston I was BLOWN AWAY. I am from a 1st world country full of excess, but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer size and variety that you find in US markets. Canada certainly has places like this as well, but I still don't know that it's to quite the same extreme.

From Boston I moved to London, and when I went to the supermarkets there - large chains as well - I felt like we were still in the time of rations. In comparison to Boston's choice of 12 brands of one food product, you only had a mere 4 or 5 (shocking! lol).

In Vancouver there is a luxury grocery market where you have 50+ brands of tea, 60+ brands of olive oil etc. It gets ridiculous. Somewhere in between there has to be some balance!

Anyhow, I am disappointed to hear of the lack of garlic etc. And I'll pack my own pepper & spices it sounds like! However, I have always found that the best place to shop for produce is at farmer's markets, so I hold out hope for finding some decent veg somewhere.
Yo! Syngirl:

I read your post regarding packing your own spices and tend to agree. Also had to just say "Hello." I, myself, am from Kelowna, BC. Have been living and working here for almost a year. If you´re stuck the "village" life of Recoleta, Barrio Norte, or San Telmo the pickings are slim at many supermarkets not because Argentines love to think of themselves as third world, especially Porteños. The lack of choices in the supermarcados is due to supermarcade brand name allegiances such as Bells´ (Disco) and the Argentinian economy´s general pressure to ensure that just about all one buys in Argentina is a product of Argentina, thus keeping down the country´s trade deficit -- an honorable goal. As for produce, this country´s produce outshines that of the USA and Canada, they just have different preferences. The little green grocers that dot the city have a main line to sources of great seasonal vegetables and fruits -- including garlic. Porteños just don´t care for spicy food. It´s a choice thing.

From one Canuck to another.