looking for a running partner


Jul 29, 2008
i have been back in the country a week and itching to get back on track with my running. i am a 29 year old anglo-argie girl living in montserrat.

towards the end of last year i was running in london 4 x a week for 1.15 minutes with sprint finish. i am a bit rusty but would be looking to run several times a week starting out for maybe 30-40 minutes and working up.
i run at an average pace.

i am already going to gym classes and walking minimum 2 hours a day so relatively fit.

preferably a girl but would not discount a male running partner.

look forward to hearing from you.

just been for a 40 minute run on my own, even at 9pm there's little respite from the humidity.

i can understand you all thinking me bonkers given the stifling heat but don't be shy, there must be someone out there up for the challenge who would accompany me a few times a week, perhaps early mornings?
I run in Recoleta 2-3 times a week, usually for half an hour, always at sunset or just after. I posted a message looking for recoleta partners, but no luck. :(
I never really understood the concept of a running partner as it's hard to speak when you're jogging. I always go jogging with my dog and my mp3 player.
interesting. i made the most progress when i began running with my previous running partner. they say that the optimum running speed is one that you can sustain and still maintain a conversation. we used to talk continuously for the whole hour + we ran and never had any problems, if anything, it regulated our breathing and was a pleasant distraction from the task in hand.

you want to run with someone or happy to continue on your solo missions?
interesting, if that's the case I must be doing it wrong because no way i can keep up a convo the way I run
I am trying to form a running club, so far just me and the occasional friend but all are welcome

Days - Tuesday and Thursdays
Time = 8am
Where - Plaza Italia
Distance - 5 - 8km (a few different routes we can take)

Day - Saturday (or Sunday if weather is terrible)
Time - 9am
where - Costanera Sur...Ecological park
Distance - 8 - 16km (join in for one or two loops of the park)

PM if you want to join any of the above.
I think the mornings might kill me, but I'd be interested in one of the tues/thurs runs I think.
Hi Vanessa,
I'm really interested in starting running with a partner again. I just moved here from San Francisco three months ago and need some more motivation. I use to run with a few friends a lot.
Let me know if you are up for it.