Looking for Apartment for Dec. 1


Sep 23, 2009
Hola. My girlfriend and I are currently living in San Telmo and paying $550 USD/month for a studio. We're moving out at the end of Nov. so we're looking for a place for Dec. 1st.

We're pretty flexible and are interested in renting a studio, a 1 bedroom, or a room in a shared apartment. We'd prefer to live somewhere in Palermo, but would also be willing to consider places in San Telmo, Caballito, Almagro, or Retiro. We're looking to rent a place for about a year. We can't afford to spend more than $550 USD a month and would rather spend less. Please let me know if you know of any leads.

Hi Sara

I live with a classmate in San Martin, that is in the northwest of BA and we have an available room that you could rent. The apartment is in the fifth floor and has two bathrooms, a gigantic kitchen, a living room, a balcony and also a garage. We have Arnet 3MB wi-fi, land line, a TV, a fridge. We have access to the terrace and The room has a very nice cupboard, and you can place a desk and a double bed without a problem.

It's a nice neighborhood and you have a bus that takes you to the subway and also you can take the Mitre train that goes to Gral Paz, Villa Urquiza, Belgrano, Retiro, Palermo.

We are both studying Materials Engineering and we are in the fifth year, we are very clean, we don't have any pet and don't smoke.

I have attached some pictures of the appartement, I am sorry I can't show you the view but it is at night right now.

We think U$S400 dollars plus internet and services (AR$ 40 internet and phone, AR$15 electricity, Gas depending of the season from AR$ 16 to AR$ 40) would be reasonable.

Let me know if you are interested and we can arrange a meeting in coffee shop or somewhere else.

Here is the approximate address in google maps, for you to have an idea.





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