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Hi There,
We are coming to town to shoot Wipeout for Australia and are looking for an Aussies living in BsAs or travelling through between Oct 4th and Nov 18th, 08. You would be competing against 20 other people for $20,000 AUD. If you are interested please email me jlyle@sstar.com.au to set up a casting appointment. I will be in town from Sept 22nd. The filming requires between 1- days.


Hi! Great! I may have a go!!But I wonder what AUD$20K is going to be worth on the exchange rates by the time someone wins it? Probably $10k US... Good luck!


Hi Jo,

The aussie dollar is at 65U$ so your AU$20,000 is still looking very attractive :) I sent you a message to say that yes thank you I would be very interested in being involved. BTW, I was born here in BA & I'm also an aussie citizen too.


Bye for now!