Looking for friends in BsAs


Jun 6, 2005
Hi Everyone!

My name is Fernando. I was born in Argentina but left the country with my parents when I was 4yrs.old. I have lived in the states my whole life. I live in Houston, Texas. I just recently got divorced after 13yrs. of marriage. I came to Buenos Aires to visit my parents and get away for a while from the stress of my divorce. I came down here planning to leave after a month and have now been down here 5 months. I am considering staying here to live for a while and if things workout, i would like to open up my own business down here. I am 39 yrs.old and looking for friends to hang out with once in a while. I met some good people in clubs(american tourists) but unfortunately, they come and go. My Spanish is really good since I grew up speaking spanish in the house. So, if anyone is interested, send me an email and lets explore this wonderful city together! Email : [email protected]

Hope to hear from someone soon! Fernando