Looking for people to help paint a large terrace


Jul 27, 2008
Hi we're looking for people to help paint a huge terrace of a house in Villa Crespo, one block from Av. Cordoba. Experience in painting preferred but not absolutely necessary - please send email to [email protected] if interested - work will start almost straight away. There is a lot to do.
I use an excellent local painter, actually a father and his 2 sons. They work very well, fast, are clean, and mainly: 100% honest. One son is out of work for 2 months now, and has a family to support. If you can use him, you would help a needy person too. He can do the fine work, like repairs, and "enduido" prior to the painting itself. They know how to work in masonry as well, for any other types of repairs, fixes, touch-ups, etc. They were 3 guys one weekend, and touched-up my whole big house in only 2 full days! It looked as if it had been entirely painted in full.

You can get him on a fixed, per-day rate. I pay him $120, from 8am-4pm, with a 30min sandwich break. But if you give him several days of work, you can arrange a deal. If he takes a helper (ayudante), that would be anywhere from $90 to $100 more. That´s because they can´t do the delicate work.

If they need to work beyond 4pm, then you should give them $15 per hour overtime, each guy.

I´ll pass along his cellular plus my phone and mail, in case you want more info.

Jose Ibañez (pintor) = 15-3035-4587

Joe (BA-Joe) 1-55-11-22-835
[email protected]

Hope this helps.
Anyone else needing excellent paint work, please feel free to call him, or call me for more references. They can also do "presupuestos" for an entire job.
Hi thanks for all the responses i have now found enough people to paint the terrace.