Looking for someone coming to Argentina


Feb 26, 2009
I'm looking for someone who's coming to Argentina from the US within the next 5 weeks. I need a laptop brought, and I'll be willing to pay US$100 for someone to do this, quick $100. Please send me a message if you or someone you know can do this. Thanks
I just came from the U.S. with two laptops and I want to recommend that you insist this person carries the laptop on with him/her and does not check it in luggage. For that you might need to pay more than $100 since it's considerably more work to heft a laptop around during travel time but it's worth the avoided risk of damage or theft from inside a suitcase.

Also, make sure that the person is a foreign citizen - not from Argentina - because there is a hefty tax for any Argentinean bringing electronics into the country that he or she did not declare upon leaving the country.
@eli thanks for the tips!

@Piscis05 thanks for the offer, but I'm already working the details out with someone I met here, I appreciate you taking the time to answer though!