looking for someone to clean and help with baby


Nov 13, 2006
hello everyone,

we are looking for any recommendations for someone to clean our house a couple of times a week (maybe 4 - 5 hours/week). we are also expecting a baby in feb and would love for this person to be able to take on a larger role with child care as well.

i would appreciate any recommendations.
Where are you located? Do you speak Spanish?
I have a great cleaning lady that I would recommend - where are you located (are you in Cap Fed & what neighborhood)? She's pretty busy but depending on where you live, she might be able to do it.She cleans my apt and 2 of my friends as well - completely trust-worthy.

I don't have any idea about the childcare issue - I can ask her.
Hi Citygirl, Your cleaning lady sounds great. I live in Palermo Soho and would need someone two times a week, for a couple of hours each day. Please forward on any contact information. Thanks so much. Keri
I also have a great cleaning lady that I could recommend. But she doesn't speak English. Do you speak Spanish?