Looking for spanish school or classes


Jul 19, 2009
Hi there,

I thought I would get the expat community's recommendations on Spanish schools or classes.

I already speak decent Spanish, not amazing but I can converse though at times I struggle. I am looking to continue studying (I did immersion in Guatemala) and now what I need to focus on.

Any amazing teachers or schools that you can recommend? Preferably for a fair price.

TEFL International offers affordable Spanish programs in Recoleta.
Each program runs for 4-weeks / 60 hours / M-F at 10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM, depending on the level. Class sizes are limited to 8 students and all materials are provided. Visit: http://www.teflbuenosaires.com for more information.
I've taken spanish classes in a few countries, including Argentina, Peru & Guatemala. Hands down the best teacher I have ever had is at this school: http://www.buespanish.com.ar/. She is the owner and I can't remember her first name right now, but she'd be easy to track down if you give them a buzz.

I am at an intermediate level and I felt their classes were perfect for me. They included a mixture of grammar, conversation, learning games, cultural education, etc. I could see that advanced planning went into each class, instead of the rambling, free-wheeling style you can often get.
I'm taking classes at IBL on Calle Florida, and I really like the school. I wanted advanced classes and they give you a test to determine your level, and the classes are intensive (20 hours a week in either the morning or afternoon). Anyway, I like the teachers a lot and the format of the classes.

If you're interested in private lessons, my teacher is amazing. She's a native porteña that speaks fluent English, French, and Italian, and each class is held at a different cafe or restaurant (so you get to know a lot of hidden gems around the city.) Her focus is on building fluency and vocabulary, with grammatical exercises where needed. I recommend private lessons because you're speaking one-on-one for the entire class session, instead of sharing the floor with other students. Her website is www.gabrielaferrante.com.ar.

The University of Buenos Aires has great classes and compared to many private schools are rather cheap.
But also, if you look around private teachers can be found that are quite cheap (I have paid as little as A$R30/hour for a fully qualified teacher.)
Private schools are hit and miss, depends on the teacher.
I have been living in Buenos Aires for 5 months, and just started working at a new school called Vamos Spanish Academy. Coincidentally though, my roommate/friend also replied on this message for a good school.
Vamos is great for me because its in Palermo 2 blocks from the Bulnes stop, has a great staff, fun classes (I've even taken a few here and learned a lot!), customized materials specifically for Argentina (they are very far and few between in the Spanish teaching world), and affordable prices ($150 for a 20 hour week, plus discounts for every week after that). They also offer adventure travel around Argentina and South America, and activities, workshops and outtings in BA. The website is http://www.vamospanish.com/. Come stop by and visit me, Macala :)